What does cooking mean to you?

Tonight I was faced with the question of what all of this means to me.

Most cook to survive. I cook to live. Meaning, when I step foot in a kitchen and I begin to prepare a meal, I feel alive. I feel passion. I feel love. I awaken my senses. Exploring the world of culinary is something I LIVE to do. I don’t just cook because I need to eat. It is something much bigger than that. I just wish I could put it in to words easily.


This blog, The Foxxy Chef, began when I was searching for something to make my life have purpose.

I come from a background that is shunned, degraded, and looked down upon.

I want to bring something more to this world than what I have shared with the world wide web over the last 5 years. I want to do something that I am proud of. That my family is proud of. That the public can be proud of. Don’t get me wrong. I am not ashamed of my past, but I also understand that I have a voice. I have a large audience. I want to do something good with it.


I first came up with the idea of “The Foxxy Chef” a few years back, when America was beginning to wake up. This country has been battling obesity, processed foods, and other unfortunate health issues for some time now. I thought, what better way to teach people how to cook, be healthy, and share my passion.


So here we are!


I intend to share some of my favorite recipes, new ones I am experimenting with. As well as this spiritual journey that I am on through this blog. Eventually I will launch an interactive website FoxxyChef.com that will give you easy access to all of the good I can offer.


If you would like to contribute your own recipe, spirituality, and even fitness tips, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


I look forward to making this world a better place, one meal at a time 😉


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe says:

    I love to cook but it seems that everything I like is bad. I love cream sauces, butter, salt, spicy anything, garlic, red meat, and pasta. I look forward to reading your blog about what you cook.


    1. thefoxxychef says:

      You can still use those things in moderation! Please check out my new site, Foxxychef.com


  2. Carlos López says:

    Thanks for the invitation, i really want to share this spiritual reflection with you:

    Spirituality, a complicated word, at least in latin languages(mine is spanish) but in a pragmatic way, lets say that the Spirituality meaning is to put in practice all the stuff that make us feel good inside(where our spirit is ). well i understand the words that you wrote here, and in the same way as you are, Im interested to be a better person. I have been improving day by day in the last years, but something that constantly ashamed myself was that i constantly was watching porn stuff. dont get me wrong, let me explain you:

    Once i read the word “healing” that you wrote in a blog called “Life after…”, in that moment i decided stop watching that kind of stuff. That confirmed to me that some people feel hurt, or harm working for that industry.

    Then, as you know, you will be a positive example for many.

    When you wrote in this blog “I have a voice”. you are totally right.

    You have a voice and influence to many in the same way as your testimony positively changed me.

    Well Chef, i have to say Thank you!

    Keep strong my friend. You are doing it right.

    Te quiere:

    Carlos López.


    1. thefoxxychef says:

      Gracias Amigo! Please check out my new site, Foxxychef.com


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